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About flexxible

We simplify end user support and analytics

By using a combination of automation, monitoring, support and observability tools, we enable an out-of-the-box mature EUC strategy with a proven ROI model for boosting productivity, reducing support overhead, and increasing first line fix rates.



FlexxDesktop is the only product on the market today that provides a unified operational framework for physical devices, VDI and DaaS.

FlexxDesktop Advanced

FlexxAnalyzer gives an end-to-end view of application, VDI and physical device usage metrics alongside powerful digital experience managment tools. Plenty of tools on the market allow you to capture events showing that performance is slow for an end user, we turn those data driven insights into automated actions, boosting employee productivity and allowing for a true assessment of cost vs productivity.

RAM usage graph from FlexxDesktop
RAM usage diagram of Microsoft Outlook application generated by FlexxDesktop


FlexxWorkspaces is your one stop support portal for first and second line teams. It is a single pane of glass view for every end user device, physical or virtual, granting faster first line fix rates while automation workflows enable the more complex problems to be downlevelled to front line teams. Integrated alerting, monitoring and a profile management toolset allows faster onboarding for new support team members.

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Desktop as a Service

FlexxDesktop can be provided as a fully hosted solution or to enable your
current compute solution to be consumed like DaaS. We remove the barrier to entry
for traditionally complex VDI Solutions.


Operate from any cloud, hardware platform or broker. All from a single console

  • Use microservices to simplify hybrid solutions
  • Enable truly self-service workspaces
  • Bring pricing/performance conversations
    closer to the user


Automate your platform to achieve real world ROI

  • Scale using simple workflows
  • Enable automated fixes for common tasks
  • Provision storage anywhere in a unified workflow


Scale with the demands of the business

  • Embrace true hybrid cloud
  • Stabilise cost with hosted DaaS
  • Utilise hyperscale cloud for agility and flexibility

Digital Experience Management

Boost productivity with performance adjustments, on the fly

  • Keep your end-users productive no matter
    the situation
  • See whats holding your users back, in real time
  • Quickly adapt to changing business requirements


End to end monitoring of what matters

  • Pro-active capacity management
  • 24/7 Monitoring with proactive and automated remediation
  • Break down application performance across users and departments


Turn what would take years of work into instant operational maturity

  • Get the complete managment framework for
    End User Computing
  • Monitor, support, operate and automate under
    a single framework
  • Enables a workspace that is accessible from anywhere

FlexxDesktop Client

Evergreen User Experience

  • End user scoring, user surveys and problem identification
  • Automatic troubleshooting and proactive analysis

Support Savings

  • Reduce first line tickets by up to 30%
  • Boost your first line fix rate by up to 60%

Security and Compliance

  • Secure remote assistance
  • Stay secure with updates and next generation AV with EDP
Image of FlexxAnalyzer dashboard interface

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