Flexxible IT + Citrix = SmartWorkspaces

What is Flexxible IT?

Flexxible IT’s mission is to enable companies to deliver the best digital workspace experience across the entire organization. Digital workspaces share the benefits of increased productivity, lower compute costs, improved security, reduced complexity, and simplified IT.

Flexxible IT has analyzed the common roadblocks that prohibit company-wide digital workspace adoption and has developed a proprietary technology to help companies transition to digital workspaces across the organization. This technology can be employed in three ways: hyperconverged appliances, converged appliances and Software Only.

Thanks to partnerships with strategic vendors, Flexxible IT’s all in one, easy to use solution takes advantage of the most secure hardware with HPE OEM, Citrix & Citrix Cloud, Flexxible IT Software Suite, FSLogix for profile containers, LoginVSI for performance tests and constant end-user monitoring, and NVIDIA for Virtual GPUs.

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Why Flexxible IT?

Flexxible IT has developed a solution to counteract the common set of roadblocks that hinder company-wide digital workspace adoption, such as unpredictable costs, user resistance, slow login times, and partial implementations. We’ve evolved by directly addressing these issues, and identifying the key factors required to enable a smooth transformation to company-wide digital workspaces. We consider these to be:

  • Fast and secure standardized deployments
  • Faster login times and increased performance
  • Easy access to real time user experience and platform data
  • 98% virtualization of applications
  • TCO equal or less than a PC-based system
  • Self-diagnosis and automatic remediation
  • Take full advantage of Citrix consoles
  • Simplified management and disaster recovery
  • Flawless security

Our solution directly addresses these key factors. Flexxible|SmartWorkspaces helps organizations manage their virtual workspace infrastructure on premise or in the cloud by providing fast, automated delivery of Citrix virtual workspaces and simplifies day-to-day management via a single console. Available as software only or as an integrated appliance, it is the only solution specifically designed to assist companies in delivering the best digital workspace solution across their entire organization.

complete solution

Complete solution

Flexxible IT solutions deliver a complete set of technology that deploys the whole stack and integrates with the Customer's Active Directory and networking.

citrix cloud

Citrix Cloud

Citrix Cloud Appliance solution delivers ready-to-use virtual workspaces powered by Citrix Cloud and XenServer.

quick config setup technology

Quick Config Setup technology

Flexxible IT’s goal is to speed up the process and overcome the difficulties that affect traditional applications and desktop virtualization solutions. Quick Config Setup deploys the entire Citrix and Flexxible IT stacks in a matter of minutes.

quick action technology

Quick Action technology

Brings IT Admins automations to extend and customize Flexxible IT deployments. A simple step-by-step technology that easily enables new features for users and Admins, such as, double-factor, HP Thin Client Device Manager, and more.

Business Application & Login performance

Business Application & Login performance

Aggregated real-time and historical user data provides deep insight into application and desktop usage in a single console view. With this data, Flexxible IT technology is used to improve performance.

Guarantee end-user satisfaction

Guarantee end-user satisfaction

IT Admins have all the tools they need to deliver a program of continuous improvement to the UX over time. IT Admins can use a single pane of glass for rich automation and added value.

Products and Services

Software Suite

Software Suite

Combines real-time user experience visibility, a systematic approach to delivering virtual workspaces with standardized deployments, and single pane of glass management.
Hawk Service

Hawk Service

A multi-tenancy and multi-environment cloud console to fully manage and monitor the virtual workspace deployments. Extends Citrix Studio capabilities to support multiple global locations.


A range of integrated appliances that allow organizations to deploy their virtual workspace computing infrastructure on premise or in the cloud. Specifically designed for virtual workspaces.
IBM Mobile Service

IBM Mobile Service

Experience a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution with IBM Mobile Virtualization Services. An affordable solution for companies under approximately 2,000 users, with the reliability and service quality expected from IBM.


Complete stack, one stop shop for SME. Everything included from physical end-point to data center platform. Ready-to-use HP Thin Clients & Flexxible IT deployments.
DaaS for SME

DaaS for SME

Thanks to Flexxible IT partners you can ask for a DaaS service based on Flexxible IT's technologies. This can be provided using a MSP partner data center or Flexxible IT data centers.

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