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Make Digital Wellbeing a Priority for 2021

17 February 2021
Digital Wellbeing, Flexxible

The working world has undergone a dramatic shift amid the pandemic, with remote work and organisational changes. This means providing more emotional support for employees and helping them navigate to a safe port. As organisations shift operations to support remote working, employees are finding that once where collaboration was face-to-face, technology has taken its place and their work life is now predominantly digital. Therefore, Digital Wellbeing has become important in order to boost engagement and foster collaboration.
While technology performs a helpful and critical role in our daily work life, it can also distract us and become counterproductive. With our lives becoming more technology integrated, employers have a responsibility to ensure the products and systems they deploy, support the Digital Wellbeing of their personnel.
Join us to discover how organisations are using Flexxible IT as their platform to make Digital Wellbeing a priority for their organisation in 2021.

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Citrix EMEA Work Summit

3 February 2021

We are excited to announce that we will be participating as a Sponsor at Citrix EMEA Work Summit on 3 February. In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to connect, collaborate, and share experience to take on the challenges together.

What can you expect?
• Rethink how you work and discover the latest innovations
• Learn from industry experts. Hear their success stories and challenges and how they leveraged Citrix solutions to achieve results
• Connect with your peers and Citrix top talent to share best practices
• Meet with us, join sessions or visit the Tech Zone to hear from the Citrix technical community

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How Apps2Digital can help prioritize microapp deployments on Citrix Workspace

27th Jan 2021
Apps2Digital, Flexxible

Discover repetitive user workflows and transform them into microapps on Citrix Workspace

Join this webinar to explore how Citrix Workspace can be used as a platform to develop/host your most used repetitive workflows as microapps. Collaborating with Citrix, Flexxible IT can help you discover user workflows and in turn understand which microapps to create and deploy. We’ll walk you through the solution that can help analyze application data (traditional, SaaS & Microapps) to measure and improve workplace productivity and intelligence.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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