Enterprise class management for Windows Virtual Desktop

Automation and intelligence for Windows Virtual Desktop delivery and management

Unlock the full potential of your Windows Virtual Desktop with intelligent delivery and management

Flexxible IT is a Windows Virtual Desktop value-added software and services provider that offers organizations the ability to rapidly scale, monitor and efficiently manage Windows Virtual Desktop and Citrix Workspace infrastructure. Flexxible|SUITE allows IT to intelligently provision and manage Windows Virtual Desktop workloads on-premises and hosted in Azure.

Our technology extends the value of both native Windows Virtual Desktop and Citrix Workspace through automation of common processes to simplify infrastructure configuration, desktop provisioning and day-to-day management. With no need for complex PowerShell scripting or time-consuming manual processes, SUITE provides scalable desktop deployment, extensive monitoring and reporting and secure delegated management allowing you to focus on delivering the best levels of service and the ultimate Windows Virtual Desktop experience for your users.

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Scalable Desktop Deployment

Respond to service demands with scalable and automated desktop deployment. Creation of golden image desktop catalogues is easy and provides a pool of generic and verified desktop environments. User tailored desktops are built on-the-fly with Profile Manager and delivered seamlessly on-demand.

Extensive Monitoring and Reporting

Extensive monitoring and reporting through a platform wide dashboard. User and session analysis ensure you know the health of your Windows Virtual Desktop environment. System thresholds can be configured to alert admins to ensure you deliver and maintain the best user experience.

Secure Management with Delegation

A unified management console provides comprehensive delegated secure administration to deliver the most flexible management. Roles, with token-based security, determine the access to every possible action with the highest levels of security allowing you to manage Windows Virtual Desktop environments in line with your organizational structure. Preconfigured common actions can be defined by administrators for support level roles for execution.

Key Features

  • Scalable automated desktop delivery
  • Multi-tenant management
  • Extensive monitoring and reporting
  • Fully delegated secure management
  • Realtime system alerting
  • 360º control of Citrix Workspaces

Key Benefits

  • Simplified management
  • Scale desktops on demand
  • Unparalleled visibility and control
  • No complex PowerShell scripting required
  • Monitor and control Azure costs
  • Integrated Windows Virtual Desktop and Citrix Cloud Virtual Apps and Desktops management

Flexxible IT leads innovation in digital workspace management and delivery. SmartWorkspaces, a family of cloud services, software and purpose-built appliances, delivers an intelligent, fast and simple way to deploy and manage multi-cloud hosted digital workspace infrastructure. Our solutions help organizations fast-track transformation while offering unparalleled experiences for users and IT.