Enterprise class support and management for Azure Virtual Desktop

Automation and intelligence for Azure Virtual Desktop support and management

SmartWorkspaces for Azure Virtual Desktop

Only SMARTWORKSPACES integrates into your Azure with no need for extra services or external domains, giving you complete control and security.

SMARTWORKSPACES greatly simplifies Azure Virtual Desktop management and support with the automation of common processes that would otherwise require time-consuming manual intervention. With a single pane console for administration and support, SMARTWORKSPACES allows you to focus on delivering the best levels of service and the ultimate experience for your users.

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Streamlined Support

Dedicated Level 1 and 2 Support Console - SMARTWORKSPACES facilitates support through a dedicated console for level 1 and level 2 support roles. Administrators can assign and delegate admin rights to the support team for these roles to perform their functions. And, through personalized custom scripts configured by admins, support actions can be automated and safely executed to resolve common issues. Extensive monitoring and reporting of user sessions and virtual machines ensures you know the health of your Azure Virtual Desktop environment. SMARTWORKSPACES enables proactive management of Azure Virtual Desktop through the ability to send alerts to any SNMP capable monitoring platform when defined resource thresholds are reached. This ensures potential problems are addressed before they impact user experience.

  • Realtime session performance displaying CPU, RAM, network and latency graphs
  • Simplified session control, shutdown, logoff, restart and disconnect sessions
  • Automation of common support actions through custom PowerShell scripts
  • Delegated administration for Level 1 and 2 support with no required Azure permissions

Optimized User Profiles

Streamlined user profiles – A key benefit of Azure Virtual Desktop and Azure is that user profiles are independent of the virtual machine that serve the user’s desktop. The profile containers, handled by FSLogix technology, are stored separately from the desktop in virtual hard disks. Over time users’ profiles require optimization. Using FSLogix shrink and optimization, SMARTWORKSPACES allows you to schedule FSLogix User Profile shrink and optimization jobs for automatic execution. This ensures that storage does not grow unnecessarily, and profiles remain optimized.

  • FSLogix Shrinking and Compacting

Remote Assistance

User session shadowing - When users call for support, finding a solution to their problem can often be done most effectively with remote assistance. SMARTWORKSPACES delivers user shadowing with the ability to easily search for and identify users and to remotely shadow their session. With user permission, support staff can take control of a session to quickly resolve support issues.

  • User shadowing for VDI, shared desktop and application sessions with multimonitor support

Auditing and Reporting

Change auditing – By maintaining an up to date log of all changes and actions made in the console, including date, time, user and action specifics, SMARTWORKSPACES for Azure Virtual Desktop ensures complete transparency in your environment.

Connection history - SMARTWORKSPACES for Azure Virtual Desktop delivers extensive capabilities for auditing and reporting of historic connection data. Connection data such as the end point host, type of session, username, start date and time can be recorded and exported to CSV files for auditing and analysis.

  • Record historical performance data for SLA reporting

Extending benefits of Microsoft Azure

Power management scheduling - >/b>SMARTWORKSPACES allows you the ability to fully take advantage of optimizing your resources and consumption. With SMARTWORKSPACES you can now make sure your sessions are turned on only when they’re in use with the ability to schedule automatically when sessions are turned on and off, by individuals, or by group policy and with appropriate time zones. Ensure sessions are turned off how you want, by deciding whether to either shut down session hosts without sessions, shut down session hosts with no connected sessions or shut down all session hosts to maintain optimized user profiles.

Multitenant management platform – Azure Virtual Desktop in Microsoft Azure cloud, delivers the ability to host Azure Virtual Desktop environments within a single subscription or across multiple subscriptions. This affords organizations a high degree of flexibility to choose in-house management or managed service provision or perhaps a combination. SMARTWORKSPACES extends this flexibility with multitenant management and support, either within the same or different Azure subscriptions. Configure, manage, and support multiple Azure Virtual Desktop environments from a single management and control pane. Whether you are an organization or managed service provider SMARTWORKSPACES enables you to consolidate and align resources for efficient and cost-effective IT.

  • Resource management with programable session start/stops
  • Manage multiple tenants within a single Azure subscription
  • Manage tenants across multiple Azure subscriptions

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