IT cloud solutions to improve management, mobility and protect critical data in the manufacturing sector

Flexxible IT offers a mobile, secure and high-availability workspace

Maintaining legacy systems can be a problem for IT personnel. Your company can be overwhelmed with business continuity problems that can harm worker productivity. To address this issue, Flexxible IT provides application and desktop virtualization infrastructure for the manufacturing sector to simplify and consolidate infrastructure, and to add an additional layer of security.

Flexxible is unique for the manufacturing sector
Exceptional performance

The manufacturing sector needs robust and powerful workstations. With Flexxible these can be deployed in only minutes while taking advantage of an all-in-flash platform and enviable performance by optimizing device resources.

Simplified Management

Anyone can manage the VDI environment thanks to our proprietary Flexxible|VDI OS technology. All information on a single web panel that allows all infrastructure to be managed easily with just a few clicks.

Monitoring and Services

Keep your production going all the time without stoppages. Flexxible IT offers L3 support in Spanish and English. Monitor all infrastructure with specialized alerts for VDI, like latency, with your control panel.

Entrega de datos en tiempo real

Delivers information to anywhere in real time during the production process

The virtualization of applications and desktops gives your organization a flexible work environment that lets you access critical information and applications from anywhere whenever you need them.

Workers can access their production chain management applications with a mobile device or tablet, and designers can access their applications from any computer or network.

Improve productivity thanks to mobility

Mobility keeps your workforce productive all the time. Processes are streamlined at all times thanks to high-availability, and with virtualization, companies can develop compatible and flexible market models to meet business needs. A virtual work environment allows you to overcome difficulties from relocation and having your workforce spread out across several countries.

In a matter of days or months, your company can make the definitive leap to the cloud, mobilize your entire workforce, making your work environment more flexible while protecting data and intellectual property.

mejora productividad cloud

Secure your business’data and protect its intellectual property

In the manufacturing sector, the task of protecting data can be a complex one. Data is handled by many different people involved in the production process, even by third parties.

Flexxible offers the option of implementing roles, and device usage access and limitation policies to prevent data leakage while providing your infrastructure with an ideal solution for regulatory compliance, regulatory data protection requirements, and maximum protection against data leaks and industrial espionage.

Flexxible‘s desktop and application virtualization solutions provide a mobile, secure and high-availability workspace without drawbacks.

Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a service

From 1 to 100 or more users

Immediate implementation with specific client-dedicated resources. Pay-per-use solution, normally integrated with the corporate network. Secure access to the corporate environment for third parties

SMB Cloud HDI Appliance

SMB Cloud HCI Appliance

Less than 100 to more than 1200 users

SMB Cloud Appliance is a virtual workspace for professionals that offers cloud technology to small and medium-sized entities. Users can work wherever they want just like they were in the office.

VDI System HCI Appliance

VDI System HCI Appliance

From 1,200 to 50,000 users or more

VDI devices are installed on the client CPD. Normally for an environment of 1,000 to 50,000 users (or more). Secure access to the environment without need for corporate VPN.