IT cloud solutions to improve security
and mobility in the healthcare sector

With Flexxible IT, all patient information is at your fingertips at any time and from anywhere

Flexxible IT offers a complete solution specially designed for the urgent and precise demands of the healthcare sector. Desktop and application virtualization infrastructure provides a reliable and secure environment that is available all the time and from any device.

Flexxible IT is unique for the healthcare sector
Monitoring and services

The healthcare sector is never allowed to stop working. That is why Flexxible IT offers a VDI and SDI solution in high availability and a monitoring tool that warns of potential issues before they occur. Improves response and IT incident times.

Simplified management

The VDI environment is much easier to manage thanks to the proprietary technology of Flexxible|VDI OS. Having all information on a single web panel means you can manage all infrastructure easily with just a few clicks.


Flexxible’s orchestration engine automates most operations so no specialized expertise is needed to manage the virtual workspaces or virtualized applications.

Secure access to records

Securely access patient records, test results, telemedicine consultations, etc. from any device anywhere. Provides access in real time to clinical and business desktops and applications with only a click. Your information is safeguarded at all times in the data center and encrypted on devices. Remote wipe functions in the event a terminal is lost or stolen.


Advantages of virtualizing applications and desktops in the healthcare sector

In healthcare, every second counts, which is why we developed a proven, safe and robust virtual workspace

Delivery of applications

Secure delivery of Windows applications with infrastructure developed by Flexxible IT. On-demand delivery of standard images to help outfit new locations and teams quickly and accurately.

Consolidated management

VDI management of the entire infrastructure from a single control panel, including devices, applications and storage. Business data and applications are stored separately from personal content to prevent data leakage and simplify administration.

Simplified IT Management

Handles thousands of virtualized work spaces as if they were just a few teams, drastically reducing the number of incidents. Manages all VDI infrastructure more comfortably with Flexxible|VDI Manager, the panel that consolidates all available features.

Data and applications available

Data and applications are centralized in the same DPC, ensuring compliance with data protection norms. Secure and instant access to available data, such as clinical records and applications. Access to applications via the shop with personalized brand image at all times.

Quick responses save lives

Flexxible IT infrastructure provides high availability, and in the event of an incident, the response time is much lower than traditional infrastructure. Your employees will always be able to access records, critical applications and data from anywhere, from any device.

Advanced Security policies

Profile management panel, desktop templates, and application security policies. Secure mobile portal link: Provides secure access to the business’ resources. The IT department receives granular controls at the application and data level with Citrix NetScaler.

Discover the virtual workplace without complications with Flexxible IT.