A virtualization solution for any type of industry.

Solutions for virtual workspaces with Citrix technology and Flexxible IT

Flexxible IT has developed the only one industrialized solution for creating and managing virtual workspaces.

The leap to virtual workspaces is unstoppable in every sector. The primary advantages of desktop and application virtualization can be enjoyed surprisingly quickly and easily and improve operational efficiency. Flexxible IT’s industrial solution offers the best features of virtualization technology in each and every sector, with specific and specialized innovations for each.

The primary benefits offered by Flexxible IT for these sectors are: Implementation of the entire infrastructure in less than one day, flexibility for the office; and centralization, reduced costs and simplified management with Flexxible VDI|OS Manager with no need for specialized IT personnel, simplified template management, faster provisioning, faster resolution of support requests, and improved security and user performance compared to traditional systems.

The fastest growing sectors in the virtualization of applications and desktops are listed below:

Finance and insurance

Our solution easily adapts to the banking and insurance sector. Thanks to an understanding of the complexities of management and in the sector and the devices and equipment used, and the need for at least two data centers (having two or three is becoming the norm), this sector is moving inexorably toward virtual workplaces, mainly due to the new flexibility requirements of the sector’s current situation.

Public sector

The public sector is one sectors that benefits the most from the mobility offered by virtual workspace solutions. The sector’s security, regulatory and mobility requirements are covered by Flexxible’s Citrix-based infrastructure. The public sector has very well-defined requirements, and making the leap to a virtual desktop and application environment is clearly the path forward.


The education sector’s prime objective is to improve the quality of education and it has found the perfect partner for this in virtual workspaces. Implementing virtualized desktop and application infrastructure allow for seamless and role-dependent secure access to educational information and resources, while IT management is as simple as working with just a few teams.


This definitely is the sector with the widest-ranging needs in the virtual workplace since many departments each with very different requirements work together. In this sector, the application is implemented in stages, addressing each of the different groups as iterative projects.


The healthcare sector is recognizing the principal advantages offered by the virtual workplace every day. This is particularly in terms of facilitating staff rotation, enforcing data protection and external connectivity law.

Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a service

From 1 to 100 or more users

Immediate implementation with specific client-dedicated resources. Pay-per-use solution, normally integrated with the corporate network. Secure access to the corporate environment for third parties.

SMB Cloud HDI Appliance

SMB Cloud HCI Appliance

Less than 100 to more than 1200 users

SMB Cloud Appliance is a virtual workspace for professionals that offers cloud technology to small and medium-sized entities. Users can work wherever they want just like they were in the office.

VDI System HCI Appliance

VDI System HCI Appliance

Less than 1,200 to 50,000 users or more

VDI devices are installed on the client CPD. Normally for an environment of 1,000 to 50,000 users (or more). Secure access to the environment without need for corporate VPN.

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