HP Thin Clients and Flexxible IT

The Virtual Workspace without complications with HP and Flexxible IT

HP Thin Clients and Flexxible IT have collaborated to deliver a turnkey solution for small to medium sized businesses (SMB’s) that is affordable, easy to manage, and quick to deploy without the need for IT personnel specialized in virtualization.

Today’s small and medium sized businesses run into many of the same IT challenges as large enterprises, yet do not have the same resources available to overcome these obstacles. For example, many SMB’s would like to deploy a modern VDI environment replacing their outdated end user computing solutions, but see it as too complicated and far too expensive. What they need is a VDI solution that is responsive, easy to deploy, and doesn’t break their limited budget.

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Welcome to the HP Thin Clients and Flexxible IT Complete VDI Solution.

The HP and Flexxible IT solution provides customers a seamless experience, integrated into a single console, allowing IT managers to manage without having to move between multiple application windows. The complete solution can be configured with the HP t630 Thin Client or HP mt21 Mobile Thin Client, combined with the Flexxible IT Appliance1, a self-contained Citrix®-based solution with everything prepared and ready for deployment in a single box. Choose your solution based on the number of users and mobility requirement.

Why HP Thin Clients

The industry leading open source platform, Citrix XenServer, offers a comprehensive enterprise level feature set and is the most integrated hypervisor with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop. The Flexxible IT solution incorporates LTSR. As a top level Citrix Ready partner we are pleased to be part of the Citrix Ready HCI Workspace Appliance program.

The Citrix Ready HCI Workspace Appliance Program enables HyperConverged infrastructure appliances from the leading hardware and storage partners to connect to Citrix Cloud to automate the setup and maintenance of XenApp and XenDesktop Services.

Why Flexxible IT

The first commercially viable solution designed to make Citrix® deployments and management simple and stress free for small to medium sized businesses.

The solution developed by Flexxible IT incorporates over thirty modules that extend and enhance a standard Citrix® environment. Additionally, integration with world leading thin client vendor HP provides superb end-to-end experience that is simple to deploy and manage, at a price point that makes sense to SMB’s.

The appliance provides the entire infrastructure required for XenApp® and XenDesktop®. By utilizing the automation and orchestration features, you are able to deliver all your applications, shared storage functions and pre-configured cloud applications like Office365 and Skype in under two hours.

Utilizing the Flexxible IT centralized console provides unique management capability for the whole environment from a single pane of glass. For the first time, SMB users have a fully integrated environment that removes the barriers of cost and complexity and allows them to take full advantage of virtualized workspaces.

Flexxible IT and HP Citrix Technology

Flexxible IT Appliance is 1u. HP Thin Clients and Flexxible IT bundled VDI solution is available through select resellers. HP Easy Shell is only available on HP Thin Clients with a Windows operating system. The Flexxible|SmartWorkspaces appliance is a 2U rack server.