Flexxible|VDI OS

A single web-management point for your virtual workspace platform

Flexxible VDI OS

Co-management of the hypervisor, VM management with Flexxible|VDI OS

Automate 90% of tasks in any workspace environment: VDI, STI and Apps

What is Flexxible|VDI OS?

Flexxible|VDI OS is Flexxible IT proprietary software that can be used on any virtualisation platform for centralised management of the whole VDI platform, SDI and Apps. The platform manages the whole infrastructure with an online console that improves roll-out, management and user experience.

software VDI OS
Flexxible|VDI OS gives you:
Configurar VDI OS

Cross-platform software to manage VDI, STI and Apps

Flexxible|VDI OS is integrated into all of the Flexxible IT solutions, from DaaS desktops to large-scale implementations through the Flexxible|VDI System. Furthermore, it is also available for other hypervisors, like Microsoft Azure and Citrix Cloud, as well as hybrid IT platforms.

VDI rápido

Can be rolled out in just minutes and automates up to 90% of all tasks.

Start working right away with fast and simple roll-out, even in multi-tenant environments. Manage desktops, servers and resources without any need for technical expertise. With Flexxible|VDI OS most operations are automated and don’t require IT specialized staff.

VDI webconsole

Centralised management of VDI infrastructure, SDI and apps using an online console

With Flexxible|VDI OS you get total control of the whole infrastructure from an online panel that has all the functions and monitoring tools in one place. Control your whole virtual infrastructure wherever you are, easily, quickly and safely.

Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a service

From 1 to 100 or more users

Immediate implementation with specific client-dedicated resources. Pay-per-use solution, normally integrated with the corporate network. Secure access to the corporate environment for third parties.

SMB Cloud HDI Appliance

SMB Cloud HCI Appliance

Less than 100 to 1200 users

SMB Cloud Appliance is a virtual workspace for professionals that offers cloud technology to small and medium-sized entities. Users can work wherever they want just like they were in the office.

VDI System HCI Appliance

VDI System HCI Appliance

Less than 1,200 to 50,000 users or more

VDI devices are installed on the client CPD. Normally for an environment of 1,000 to 50,000 users (or more). Secure access to the environment without need for corporate VPN.

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