Flexxible|SMB Cloud HCI Appliance

An affordable virtualization of desktops and applications solution, very easy to manage without IT and ready in just minutes.

Flexxible SMB Cloud HCI Appliance

The only one virtualization solution based on Citrix and Flexxible IT technology, ideal for small and medium enterprises

Less than 100 to 1200 users

flexxible smb hci
VDI para pequeñas y medianas empresas
A VDI solution that is ready in just two hours

On-premise or cloud VDI are difficult for SMEs due to cost limitations, the need for specialized personal to implement the solution, and to configure, manage and maintain it. Flexxible has developed a hyperconvergent turnkey appliance (servers, networks and storage), ready in a maximum of two hours, a hyperconvergent appliance specially designed for the SME market that can be managed without the need for IT personnel specialized in virtualization.

Flexxible SMB Cloud
Flexxible IT|SMB Cloud with Flexxible and Citrix technology

Flexxible IT’s solution with technology developed by Flexxible IT and Citrix meets the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Our appliance can be used on-premise or in the cloud to reduce ownership costs. Our solution is designed to be extremely easy to install, configure and manage. Once the appliance is installed, the roles of the virtual workspaces self-configure without the need for technical expertise.

Ventajas SMB Cloud
Flexxible SMB Cloud advantages

Our appliance provides SDI and VDI infrastructure, applications, personal and shared storage functions and pre-configured applications like Office 365 and Skype. All this infrastructure comes with up-to-date operating systems and improved security.

Users can work from any location, from any device using an internet connection. The user experience does not change, but users can access applications and data as if they were in the office.

TI sencilla de mantener
A virtualized environment with no need for IT personnel

Flexxible|VDI OS Manager was developed in-house by Flexxible IT to manage desktops, servers, and resources autonomously with no need for technical expertise. Most operations are automated so that IT personnel do not have to do anything.

 With Flexxible|VDI OS Manager you have control of all virtual infrastructure regardless of your location.

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Flexxible|SMB Cloud
Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a service

From 1 to 100 or more users

Immediate implementation with specific client-dedicated resources. Pay-per-use solution, normally integrated with the corporate network. Secure access to the corporate environment for third parties.

SMB Cloud HDI Appliance

SMB Cloud HCI Appliance

Less than 100 to 1200 users

SMB Cloud Appliance is a virtual workspace for professionals that offers cloud technology to small and medium-sized entities. Users can work wherever they want just like they were in the office.

VDI System HCI Appliance

VDI System HCI Appliance

Less than 1,200 to 50,000 users or more

VDI devices are installed on the client CPD. Normally for an environment of 1,000 to 50,000 users (or more). Secure access to the environment without need for corporate VPN.

Transform your IT with a virtual desktop solution designed for SMBs proven, safe and easy to manage.