We are manufacturers of the only one industrialized solution of virtual workspaces by Flexxible IT and Citrix technology

The definitive leap towards a virtual workspace

At Flexxible IT, our philosophy can be seen in our solutions.

At Flexxible IT, we manufacture industrial virtual workspace solutions. For the past eight years we have been researching VDI technologies to overcome the limitations and complexities of virtualization. As a result, we have developed and widely tested a proprietary technology that makes it possible to deploy thousands of workspaces automatically in a matter of hours. It is also capable of managing the entire infrastructure through a control panel that consolidates every operation.

Our technology is based on four pillars:

Flexxible Virtual Workspace: Quick and easy deployment

Desktops in DaaS or appliance format make it possible to deploy thousands of workspaces in minutes and start working in record time. With the hyper-converged appliance for SMB or large enterprises, the required software is preinstalled to streamline the implementation phase for desktops and applications. Our goal is to speed up the process and overcome the difficulties that affect traditional applications and desktop virtualization solutions.

The deployed VDI performs as well as or better than a PC thanks to Flexxible VDI technology and SSDs.

Simplified management

Our technology is capable of managing and deploying virtualization solutions in complex environments such as multi-domain, multi-layer and multi-tenant environments. For this infrastructure, we have developed a proprietary control panel that consolidates and manages every IT operation. This is an important competitive advantage:

  • The IT department has more time for other processes that require attention.
  • The number of incidents is reduced drastically by processing a complete infrastructure as if it were made up of only a few machines.
  • The single control panel can be used to manage every part of the infrastructure, including servers, virtual machines and storage etc.

Our goal is to develop an applications and desktop virtualization technology that is simple and of high quality for both large enterprises and SMEs.


Our orchestration engine automates most application- and VDI-related operations. This is an improvement for IT departments, as specialized staff will no longer be needed to manage this type of infrastructure.

Multiple laboratory tests on our solutions and implementations on real-life scenarios have given us enough experience to offer linear scalability in line with business requirements.

Flexxible IT works to simplify the tasks of the IT department. Its work will be easier and no additional specialized staff will be required for management tasks.

Constant monitoring and support

We are experts in VDI, providing a constant monitoring service 24/7 for all infrastructures, including an early warning system to avoid incidents before they occur. For example, we have real-time metrics on availability and latency to ensure the optimized performance of every virtual desktop.

We consider it important to offer a quality service, so we provide expert L3 support in English and Spanish and training for any support level.

Our goal is to provide a simple virtual workspace with a friendly, professional support service.

Three implementation methods:

Flexxible IT’s solution can be implemented in multiple environments. Citrix technology makes interaction with all infrastructure components simple and easy. Best of all, our solution offers a simplified management layer and orchestration that makes user support and administration experience truly incredible.

There are several delivery methods for our technology. The most common are as follows:

Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a service

From 1 to 100 or more users

Immediate implementation with specific client-dedicated resources. Pay-per-use solution, normally integrated with the corporate network. Secure access to the corporate environment for third parties.

SMB Cloud HDI Appliance

SMB Cloud HCI Appliance

Less than 100 to 1200 users

SMB Cloud Appliance is a virtual workspace for professionals that offers cloud technology to small and medium-sized entities. Users can work wherever they want just like they were in the office.

VDI System HCI Appliance

VDI System HCI Appliance

Less than 1,200 to 50,000 users or more

VDI devices are installed on the client CPD. Normally for an environment of 1,000 to 50,000 users (or more). Secure access to the environment without need for corporate VPN.

Leave the it to us and focus on making your business grow!