September 2021 Update: SMARTWORKSPACES for Azure Virtual Desktop

Flexxible IT offers enterprise-class support and digital experience management for Azure Virtual Desktop with SmartWorkspaces.

In the last two years, I have spent a lot of time around Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (previously Windows Virtual Desktop). I have deployed it, taught many workshops about it, and offered up expert insight surrounding it. Flexxible IT has a great product that helps with deployment and supports Azure Virtual Desktop, and you should definitely check it out!

As we all know, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop is not an easy solution to support, and Flexxible IT’s SmartWorkspaces simplifies this conundrum. Whether a Level 1, Level 2, or CTO, you can gain end-to-end automation and intelligence into your Azure Virtual Desktop investment. Streamline support and make your users happy with quick resolutions.

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September 2021 Release Highlights

New Features:

  • Optimized Multi-tenant: Fully configurable multitenancy from the SMARTWORKSPACES console allows the user to restrict visibility at the subscription or resource group level. This simplifies management in organizations with multiple departments, divisions, and regions using Azure Virtual Desktop.
  • Connection log: This brings together user SMARTWORKSPACES connection information into a single view.

UI enhancements:

  • The Connection log view shows related host pools to facilitate management in the case of multiple host pools.
  • Gain improve information in Subscriptions.
  • User Input Delay (UID) shows related information with a user session.
  • Resource graph enhancements

Check out Flexxible SMARTWORKSPACES for Azure Virtual Desktop in the Azure Marketplace here:

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